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Clamming in East Lyme

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Oswegatchie Hills Nature Preserve
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    The Dock Restaurant

    With open-air waterfront dining, a fresh fish market, lobster by the pound, gas for your boat and ice for sale, The Dock is Waterford’s favorite place by the shore.  » Read More

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    Diamond Mortgage Group

    The mortgage process can often be overwhelming, intimidating and even frustrating for many.  Fortunately, Diamond Mortgage Group can ease the entire process, making it smooth, stress-free and even enjoyable for you!Diamond Mortgage Group is the clear solution for all of your East Lyme mortgage needs.  Loyally serving the East Lyme... » Read More

  • the shack restaurant logo

    The Shack Restaurants

    The Shack RestaurantsSince 1989, The Shack (then known as The Little Brown Shack) has been providing the best breakfast in all of East Lyme for locals and tourists alike.  Since then, this exceptional family-owned business has significantly expanded their menu, hours and locations- - all at their customers’ request!  » Read More

  • Rustic Cafe logo

    Rustic Caf

    A local landmark for over 60 years, the Rustic Café has been a dance hall, wine bar, local watering hole and now one of the greatest “little secrets” in East Lyme.  Both locals and summer tourists alike love the Rustic Café’s fresh seafood, tasty ribs and popular hamburgers paired with their tasty beers and cocktails.  » Read More

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    Shore & Country Real...

    Shore & Country Real Estate is dedicated to finding families just like yours the home of their dreams.  Shore & Country Real Estate is family-owned agency that has been renting out and selling stunning properties along the shoreline and sandy beach areas in East Lyme. » Read More - Featured Columnists
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    Spring is just around the corner, which means it's time to start putting some thought toward this year's gardening plans. Even if your garden is pretty small, the supplies you'll need to start and then tend to your veggies and herbs (or even just flowers) can get pretty pricey--if you're looking for a larger harvest, the price just about shoots though the roof! But there are... » Read More

  • Visit East Lyme, Connecticut.

    Welcome to the Town of East...

    Welcome to the town of East Lyme, CT, a coastal town in the New England territory. It is a very diverse land and has an equally diverse population. There are many beach communities within this town, as well as two notable villages and a spur area. For the most part, East Lyme, Connecticut is made up of quiet residential neighborhoods and wide-open spaces. It has a distinctively rural look to... » Read More

  • Go shopping in East Lyme, Connecticut.

    Things Girls Can Do in East...

    Are you stuck at the hotel, bored out of your mind, since all the men have gone fishing? Don’t worry; there are plenty of things to do in East Lyme, CT. Let’s start with the shopping scene. Of course, this is not to imply that all female tourists are only interested in shopping. We think it’s just a matter of cleanliness. Would you rather handle a new antique and a few new... » Read More

About East Lyme, CTInformation and Overview
If you are new to East Lyme, CT, then take a few minutes to learn about East Lyme and the local culture. This large town has a population of over...
 Things to Do
Things to Do
Fun and Exciting Things to Do in East Lyme, CT
You have arrived in East Lyme, CT and are immediately taken by the beautiful scenery and the friendly locals who welcome thousands of tourists...
Best Restaurants in East Lyme, CT
"As God is my witness, I'll never be hungry again", said Scarlett O'Hara in that famous film. She certainly knew the pains of being...
 Clamming in East Lyme
Clamming in East Lyme
The East Lyme Connecticut Clamming Scene
What is clamming and just what can you expect from the clamming scene in East Lyme, CT? Lyme clamming involves digging for clams around the beach...
Come Sit on Sandy, Sunny East Lyme Beaches!
Some of the greatest attractions of East Lyme, CT are the beaches. There are public and private beaches here that hug the Niantic River, while...
 Historic Sights
Historic Sights
What Are Some Historical Sites in East Lyme, CT?
This town has a history dating back to Colonial times, so, naturally, a tourist with an interest in history would look forward to the towns...
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Welcome to the Town of East Lyme, CT

Welcome to the town of East Lyme, CT, a coastal town in the New England territory. It is a very diverse land and has an equally diverse population. There are many beach communities within this town, as well as two notable villages and a spur area. For the most part, East Lyme, Connecticut is made up of quiet residential neighborhoods and wide-open spaces. It has a distinctively rural look to it, and many of its best features are water views, winding roads and wooded terrain. The population is believed to be just over 19,000 people, giving it a 5% increase since the turn of the new century.

Two Villages That Make Up East Lyme
There are two villages that make up the town: the village of Flanders and the village of Niantic. Niantic is usually referred to as the beach side of town and is the most popular with tourists during summer months. In fact, the general population of the town doubles in the summer, and its likely because of beach popularity. Flanders Village is less populated and is known primarily for its orchards, high school properties and its green forests.

Some of the most popular locations in Niantic include the Niantic Bay Boardwalk (which is half a mile long) as well as the Children's Museum of South Eastern Connecticut. Some of the communities within the village include Attawan Beach, Old Black Point, Black Point, Crescent Beach, Pine Grove, Oak Grove Beach, Saunder's Point, Giants Neck Beach and the Giants Neck Heights.

Notable Attractions in East Lyme, CT
Flanders has the four corners, which is an intersection of Chesterfield Road and the Boston Post Road. This is where several stores and offices are located. Lastly, theres the Golden Spur, which is found right at the head of the river. The town of East Lyme, CT has several quality hotels and many fine restaurants for you to enjoy.

Notable hotels include the Sleep Inn & Suites on 5 King Arthur Drive as well as the Crescent Beach Hotel on Crescent Beach St. Some of the most popular restaurants include Franks Gourmet Grille, Illiano's Ristorante, Pizzeria & Italian Grille, Skippers Restaurant and Niantic Diner.

There are also several beaches in East Lyme, CT. Some of the most popular spots include the Rocky Neck State Park (containing East and West Beach) and the Hole-in-the-Wall Beach. Bear in mind that not all beaches are public areas. Private beaches in town include Crescent Beach, Oak Grove Beach, Black Point Beach, Old Black Point Beach, Attawan Beach, Giants Neck Beach and the Giants Neck Heights Beach.

As for the people of East Lyme, Connecticut? They are a people committed to quality living in a beautiful town, or so the town motto says on the official website. These are people just as willing to chip in with youth sports and town parades as they are ready to swim and fish the day away. Naturally, due to the beaches and river areas, water activity is high here. You will not be disappointed when you come see this New England beach paradise!

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Beatrice Padilla, 36, of 209 Bank St., Apt. 301, New London, was charged Tuesday with second-degree breach of peace and third-degree assault.
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14 Norwich utilities customers remain without power pending downed line
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Fourteen Norwich Public Utilities customers at the city’s northern border remain without power this afternoon, but the city-owned utility...
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